Questions and Answers - Ear, Skin and Wound

ZYMOX® Ear Solution


A: ZYMOX® Ear Solution is intended to eradicate a broad range of infections ranging from mild to severe, but many veterinarians have also found ZYMOX® Ear Solution to be effective in maintenance of the ears, especially during the allergy season.

A: You should not use any other ear preparations before or during applications of ZYMOX® Ear Solution because the enzyme activity that is present could become interrupted. The use of ZYMOX® Ear Cleanser is only recommended after using a full course of ZYMOX® Ear Solution to keep dirty ears clean.

A: The ZYMOX® Ear Cleanser is ideal for cleaning dirty ears. It is not always necessary to clean ears.

A: ZYMOX® Ear Solution is meant for infected ears. If no ear infection is suspected to be causing the odor, then ZYMOX® Ear Cleanser may be used.

A: No problem. Just wait 24 hours and start then.

A: The ZYMOX® LP3 Enzyme System is safe to use on cats. ZYMOX® is formulated without antibiotics, harsh chemicals and is non-toxic. It is ideal for dogs, cats and can be used on furry pets and farm friends of all ages.

A: Occasionally, a pet owner will not achieve the desired results after two weeks of use. Often times this is due to the pet owner not following the recommended no pre-cleaning protocol. Cleaning disrupts the enzymatic activity and may make the product less effective. Additionally, many times a resistant microorganism is the culprit behind the chronic ear infection in which case ZYMOX® Ear Solution should be used for an additional two weeks. If recommended directions have been followed, and after four weeks there is still an active ear infection then consult a veterinarian.

A: ZYMOX® Ear Solution may be used with any products administered orally. All ZYMOX® products are for topical use only and should not be used in conjunction with any other ear topical. 

A: The anti-inflammatory properties of Hydrocortisone have provided much relief to pets with itchy, irritated skin and inflamed wounds or infections of either the ears or skin. It is important to note though, any product containing hydrocortisone shouldn’t be used on pregnant or lactating females.

A: We have professional veterinary and retail lines of ZYMOX® products.  They are available from vet clinics, select pet retailers and online from various sellers. Refer to the chart below to help determine which product would be best.


ZYMOX® Shampoo and Conditioning Rinse


A: ZYMOX® Shampoo is the recommended shampoo to use with ZYMOX® Leave-On Conditioner because its known gentle plant surfactants will not affect the enzyme formula in the rinse and its effectiveness. ZYMOX® Shampoo does not contain harsh detergents, pesticides, colorings or residual petroleum products that might cause unnecessary skin irritation. These and other harsh surfactants used in many other medicated pet shampoos could potentially destroy or disrupt the bioactive enzymes formula of the leave on rinse.

A: Once a flea and/or tick infestation has been resolved, Zymox® Shampoo can be used to manage irritated skin followed by Zymox® Leave-On Conditioner. 

A: The ZYMOX® line of skin and ear care products contains no antibiotics or harsh chemicals but rather employs the powerful & patented LP3 antimicrobial enzyme system to effectively eradicate even the toughest infections, including MRSA. The products can safely be used on all pets and all ages.


ZYMOX® Topical Spray and Topical Cream


A: In order to optimize results using ZYMOX® Topical Spray or Cream, follow the no pre-cleaning protocol. Rinsing the infected area with water is allowed, however, no cleaning or antiseptic agent is necessary before using ZYMOX® topicals. The enzyme system contained in the ZYMOX® topicals is bioactive with the infectious pus and debris to form its antimicrobial ions. When dealing with itchy allergy skin and general superficial skin infections, many pet owners have found ZYMOX® shampoo and rinse to be excellent additions to the Cream and Spray.

A: ZYMOX® products should be kept away from heat and stored at room temperature. All bottles and tubes should be closed completely after each use.

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