Pet King Brands is always looking for more pet allies to aid our team in improving the livelihood of pets and pet owners alike.

At Pet King Brands, we are constantly refining our ZYMOX® and Oratene® brands, while continuously venturing into discovering even more ways that we can make pet healthcare affordable, simple, and above all, safe.

If you are someone that’s interested in the development and branding of cutting-edge pet health solutions, we are ready to find out if you’re a fit for our culture. Please submit your resume below and one of our team members will contact you shortly if your qualifications meet our current needs.

You can also visit Pet King Brands on LinkedIn for any future opportunities.

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ZYMOX® Otic Purchased Direct from Amazon

Pet King Brands was notified that Amazon Services LLC– who is not an Authorized Seller of ZYMOX® or Oratene® products– sold consumers counterfeit ZYMOX products. These products were not manufactured by Pet King Brands nor supplied directly to Amazon Services LLC by Pet King Brands. The products were “sold by” Amazon Services LLC and “ships from” Amazon.

Authentic ZYMOX® and Oratene® products manufactured by Pet King Brands can still be purchased on Amazon from our Authorized Seller Brand Partners. It’s safe to purchase our products from these Authorized Sellers on Amazon: Zquared, Affordable Vet, Entirely Pets, Happy Dog Place, Hooves & Paws, Nomidi and Piccardmeds4pets

Please do not purchase any ZYMOX or Oratene products from Amazon Services LLC.

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