Pet King Brands, Oratene® & ZYMOX® Testimonials and our all-natural pet care product lines rely on the trust of our pet owners that want the best for their four-legged family members. For over 20 years, our oral, ear, and skin pet health solutions have brought comfort to the lives of both pets and pet owners alike.

We care about the health and welfare of all animals and will continue to create products that improve the quality of life for dogs, cats, equines, and exotic animals that people call pets. Our products work wonders, but don’t take our word for it! Find out from our customers why we are the top choice in health products for them!

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In our family, we use Pet King Brands cage diapers for all of the small critters in our family including Bongo the bunny and Pogo the chinchilla and my sister uses them in the cage for her bunny Loaf. They are perfectly absorbent and the soft-textured, matte surface is easy on their paw pads. We use them in both the cages and litter boxes underneath hay and bedding because it makes clean-up easy — just rollup the diaper and dispose or compost.

– Wendy Gogel

My ten year old chocolate lab has ALWAYS struggled with allergies. Ten years of chronic ear infections, terrible skin issues, lots of itching, feet chewing, and an uncomfortable amount of money was spent at the vet. Upon a recommendation, I finally purchased a bottle of Zymox Ear Solution thinking it would be yet another product I wasted money on, but I was SO wrong! We have been using it now for 3 months and this is the longest stretch we have ever gone without any ear issues! Since that worked, I purchased the shampoo and leave in conditioner and we have not seen any more itching, and as a bonus it smells absolutely AMAZING! The topical cream and spray are also great for between baths when she starts biting at her feet or she seems uncomfortable. I seriously cannot say enough about these products. They have made both of my pups feel better, have less skin and ear issues, and they have already saved me so much money! By far some of the best pet products I have ever purchased for our pets!

– Shelby Farris

Jeremías le gusta mucho estar afuera. A él le gusta correr y brincar en el agua afuera. Pero esto también crea muchos problemas. Durante la temporada de primavera, Jeremías tiene mucha comezón y le da mucho las alergias. Nosotros siempre usamos ZYMOX para ayudar con sus alergias. Nuestros productos favoritos son el jabón, acondicionador y la crema, "ZYMOX Topical Cream".

– Nancy V.
Rescue dog, Princess Zara
Princess Zara

Princess Zara came into our rescue as a frail, hairless neglected pup. She had a severe case of mange

Through previous use of the Zymox products with another major case of mange in a pup named Augustus 2.0, i already knew that this would be the one and only product we would use to treat her skin, ear and oral hygiene issues.

After a few short months, Princess Zara is now thriving and all of her hair is coming back in.

Our rescue, and me personally, will be a customer for life !

( pictured with Princess Zara is Uncle Kyle taking footprints for all her adoring fans !! )

– Bruce Zoldak
Sasha - pit bull rescue dog

My dog thinks the toothpaste is a treat for her and loves it. We also tried the zymox shampoo. We think we will keep getting it, the poor dog has allergies and we must be conscious about what we use on her. Not only the smell is very good but it made her fur so soft!
Thank you again, the products exceeded our expectations.

– Ana Guerin
Falco Amadeus, The Kommissar

Our household experienced a bout of fleas that we had eliminated. Falco had some bites on his which I believe contracted an infection due to scratching the bites. Next thing we knew, he had pus-ridden skin in his neck and the top of his head. After getting Zymox Shampoo, Zymox Leave-in Conditioner, and Zymox Otic ear rinse, I noticed immediate relief as soon as applying the line of products. The benefits from Zymox only continued after their initial use: his skin went from being green and slimy, to red and crusty, to just red, and finally new healthy skin that is free of build-up. I can honestly say that Zymox‘s line of products saved me a trip to the vet and MONTHS of antibiotic treatment and immune system weakening that comes with those types of treatments. The application of the products takes dedication, but I can assure you when they are applied correctly they will give your pet and you the relief you both need, 100% guaranteed.

– Royce Morales
Manny the Frenchie

Our pets are part of our family and we make sure to keep them healthy. Zymox shampoo & leave-in conditioner helps keep not only Manny’s but all of dogs skin and coats at their best. Manny frequently gets hot spots so the topical cream & spray are super useful for flare-ups. The oldest, Leila is prone to ear infections, so having Zymox handy without a prescription is not only convenient but keeps also wards them off. The Oratene line is fantastic and so easy for our dogs, they love that it’s brushless! We can’t recommend Zymox enough! -Amber

– Amber Chavez
Bernie the Cat

Bernie enjoyed showing….but his pretty ears always would get inflamed during the spring season due to allergies. So I always kept his ears clean and healthy using the ZYMOX Otic products. I also had the ZYMOX Topical Spray in my grooming bag in case of a scratch and Oratene to keep his breath fresh between rings. Thank you ZYMOX and Oratene!

– D Decker

My Texas Rescue, Ryder, on the right started to limp. We had been hiking on some sharp rocks and expected to see a cut pad, but instead we saw a very sore red foot. Ryder eats high quality raw so I was shocked to see the yeast overgrowth, but it’s been really wet this winter. I had pulled out my “dog box” and found some Zymox, opened my Holistic Vet’s book and saw she highly recommended it but I wasn’t sure, it said it was for ears and it was also out of date.

But here we are in the middle of COVID-19, my vet is closed, we are watching every penny and Ryder is in quite a bit of pain. I emailed Zymox and got a response right away, yes this would work fine for his feet, and the product might have diminished strength because it was old, but if stored properly it was worth a shot, that there would be no side effects to using what I have. So I did. One application and his limp is gone! It’s still red and we will continue to use it as directed. So grateful for the kind folks at this company and a safe non toxic product for my pups.

– Lisa Bedker-Madsen
Cash Monkey

“Cash Monkey has brought so much love and happiness into our family. I show my love by keeping his ears, skin and mouth healthy with ZYMOX and Oratene.”

– Natalie Decker
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