Pet King Brands’ ZYMOX® and Oratene® Proudly Made in the USA

Why Keeping it Local Has Been Important

Over twenty years ago when Pamela K. Bosco first launched Pet King Brands, she had a vision to help animals around the world live healthy, happy lives by providing effective solutions to support the health of pet’s ears, skin, and mouth – without compromise. Under her leadership, Pet King Brands’  ZYMOX® Ear and Skin and Oratene® Brushless Oral Care products have remained non-toxic and free of antibiotics.  Refusing to ever compromise the quality of the products and keeping the American economy thriving with local jobs has also remained a top priority.  That is why our products have always been manufactured right here in the USA.

The benefit of keeping our manufacturing local also became very evident as well when the world was struck with the COVID-19 pandemic. We were prepared and our product availability was never affected; enabling pet professionals, retailers and parents to continue to help pets find the relief without unpleasant side effects commonly associated with antibiotics.

As a pet-centric company solely focused on improving the health and comfort of animals, compromising ingredients or quality will never be an option for Pet King Brands. We are proudly made in the USA.