Alternative to Traditional Cage Bedding

Cage Diapers® are a convenient and sanitary one-piece cage maintenance system ideal for use in cages, crates, aquariums, or litter pans.  This alternative to traditional cage bedding features 100% unbleached cellulose creating a safe and odor controlling solution for small mammals, reptiles and birds.  

Caring for your pet has never been easier with the hassle-free Cage Diaper. Unlike traditional bedding that can disintegrate, Cage Diapers are made of ultra-absorbent, non-shredding material. With six sizes options to choose from, there is no digging out compacted mush or sweeping scattered loose bedding.  After use, just roll up, dispose and replace with a fresh liner. Plus, each line is free of harmful residues, dyes and aromatic oils.




Cage Diapers Are Easy to Use

Simply place a Cage Diaper on the bottom of a clean cage, crate, aquarium,or litter pan. To replace it, simply roll up, dispose and place a new liner. You don’t need to dig out compacted or mushed material or sweep up scattered, loose bedding material.

Cage Diapers are a one-piece, convenient maintenance system that is safe and sanitary
to use in cages, crates, aquariums, or litter pans.

Cage Diapers are ideal to use for small mammals, reptiles, and birds.


Made with 100% Unbleached Durable Cellulose

No Residue • No Oils • No Dyes • No Perfumes

  • Ultra-absorbent
  • Odor Controlling
  • Non-shredding
  • Dust Free
  • Residue Free

Proudly Made in the USA

Pet King Brands is committed to providing quality products proudly made in the USA that are safe, effective and free of harmful ingredients so animals can lead healthy, happy lives.