Starting the Year Off with a Purr!

Posted - January 8, 2021

Ending 2020 is both bitter and sweet. When the pandemic hit, it was almost surrealistic. Like a switch being turned off, suddenly our realities were flipped upside down. Being told to shelter in place was something no one wanted to do. For some, the isolation was a little more bearable because of our pets.

It’s no surprise there was has been a rise in new pet ownership including a lot of cats .  There was also a rise in a new form of recreation – virtual cat competitions.  They have provided an opportunity for cat lovers all over the world to connect virtually, share pictures and videos of their cats and raise money. And the doors have swung wide open to celebrate the mixed breed cats—referred to as household pets– in addition to pedigreed cats.

If you have a cat and would like to celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of your cat, there’s an opportunity for you to join in on the fun. The Half Moon Cat Club, the Cat Fanciers’ Association’s (CFA) first cat club dedicated to the household cat, is holding a Fundraising virtual cat competition that’s got a long list of ways for you to show off your pretty kitty.


Have you captured the funny antics of your cat in pictures? Join the Biggest Party Animal cat ring. Or have you got a longhaired cat? You can participate in the What a Fuzzed Up Year category. There is another category bound to get some chuckles with the Dashing through the Snow winter themed photos.

Watch out though, you could get addicted to competitions. Our director of marketing can attest to this. She got started out in cat shows when she entered her white longhaired cat, Butch, in a cat show sponsored by Jonny Cat Litter in Dallas, Texas where he took 3rd best overall out of hundreds of cats. She was hooked. A few years later, she had a blue/brown tabby longhaired household pet cat, Rum Tum Timmy, and started showing him at TICA (The International Cat Association) cat shows. In his first year, Timmy earned his first title and he finished as a Supreme Grand Master.

Rum Tum Timmy

One of the best things that came out of going to the competitions were the friendships she formed with other cat lovers. Every cat is beautiful and cat parents love to share their cats with others. Showing a household pet is a great way to have fun with your cat and enjoy other pet parents’ cats while participating in a sport that you and they both enjoy.

To join in and celebrate your cat, go to They are accepting entries through the close of January 9. So, hurry if you want to “show off your cat”. Entries are only $8.00 each.  You can also look at the beautiful cats entered and vote for your favorite cat for only $1.00.  All funds raised are benefiting the newly formed household cat focused-Half Moon Cat Club.  During the show, you can view the results/cat “finals” for the different classes judged by eight esteemed judges at the link above.

 If you would like to deepen your knowledge of cats, there is also a fun one-hour live program called Meowy Hour featured on the CFA Facebook page  every Wednesday evening from 6-7pm EST. This show is hosted by Arden Moore, best-selling author, master certified pet first aid/CPR instructor, pet behavior consultant.  She and a panel of experts explore topics all things relating to cats such as behavior, nutrition, cat care, and the characteristics of certain breeds. 

We are starting off 2021 with a purr!