The ZYMOX Store is LIVE!

Posted - January 25, 2021

Drum roll please…Pet King Brands’ new online store is open for business!

Now you can purchase authentic ZYMOX® ear and skin care products and Oratene® Brushless Oral Care directly from us. As the manufacturer, pet parents have asked if they could buy our products directly from us. At that time, we didn’t offer it. But the COVID-19 pandemic which drove the increase in pet ownership and demand for our products, and the rise in counterfeit products on the marketplace, solidified our decision to launch our new online store.

And we’re happy we did it because now we know pets can find the relief they need, and that you as a pet parent, can have peace of mind that you’re using authentic product manufactured by Pet King Brands.


Guess what products you can purchase directly from Pet King Brands. All of them!

You’ll be able to buy every ZYMOX, Oratene and Equine Defense® product that we manufacture for both the retail and vet lines. If you have questions which product is best for your pet’s needs, you can review the content on each product’s page, or fill out the form at the bottom of the product’s page and we’ll send you additional information.


Pets are an important member of everyone’s family including our Pet King Brands families. So we know firsthand how important it is to buy products that provide relief, but will do no harm. With so many counterfeit products out in the market nowadays, we wanted to provide a way for pet parents to buy our products directly from us so you’d have peace of mind that you’re buying authentic products. Not counterfeit products that could do more harm versus help your pet with its ear, skin or dental health concern. All of our products are manufactured in America, and they’re recommended by veterinarians across the country. We’re proud we can offer our products directly to pet parents like you and you don’t have to worry if the product is real or not.


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We anticipate people having questions so we are working hard to add content to the website that will help in education. For those who need additional assistance they may contact customer service at 888-752-5487 or email