LP3 Enzyme System


For Chronic Ear, Skin, & Oral Conditions


The Brand Trusted by Veterinarians

Demanded by Pet Owners

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Pets Get Dry Mouth Too


from the developers of Biotene®


Prevent, Protect and Heal


Equine Defense®

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Relief has Arrived!

ZYMOX® not only brings relief to pets but to their owners as well. Over time, recurring chronic infections can be time-consuming, frustrating and extremely costly to a pet owner

ZYMOX® Oral Care

Superior oral protection against bad breath, plaque and periodontal disease. 

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ZYMOX® Dermatology

These easy to use topical dermatology products are convenient, safe and effective. 

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ZYMOX® Equine Defense

Improves and maintains a healthy skin and coat, while protecting against bacterial and fungal microbes. 

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The Benefits of Enzymes

ZYMOX® products employ a patented formulation of naturally occurring and derived enzymes. Gentle to the skin, these enzymes have incredible properties that pack a powerful antimicrobial punch. ZYMOX® products not only provide therapy relief, but also deliver preventative and maintenance protection as well.

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